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User-Centered Design in Agile Software Development (or Agile UCD) is my master's thesis (from 2011) discussing the integration UX design and Agile development. If you're interested in the topic you can download the thesis as PDF and pass the link to your colleagues.


There are issues in traditional software development, e.g., the lack of user input and incomplete and changing requirements that can cause problems in projects. Both User-Centered Design (UCD) and agile software development are iterative approaches to development and can increase the chances for delivering a successful software product. User-Centered Design aims to deliver satisfying user experience (UX). It puts emphasis on end-users by conducting user-research and involving them in the iterative design and evaluation of the software in order to do so.

Integrating UCD and agile development would create a comprehensive systems development methodology. They do not have inherent obstacles that could prevent such integration, but both need to change before it can succeed. While no 'unified' Agile UCD methodology has been established, there has been a growing interest in learning how to integrate these two proven approaches over the last decade. Recently few books (see below) have been published about these topics Agile User Experience Design and Lean UX being the current buzzwords.

My thesis explores the integration of UCD and agile development through experience reports and studies that have been published in the industry and academia. It sketches a complete picture of the integrated development process and the related best practices. Also some advice related to organizational adoption of the process and its practices are provided.

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Agile UCD Resources

Here's a list of some Agile UCD resources (last updated in 23.12.2014) I explored for the thesis and kept updating after its publication. Some require you to login (and some links are dead). Enjoy!

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