PR Agile UX and Web Design

Need a generalizing specialist who's passionate about agile user experience? Pirkka Rannikko at your service!

UX design

Usability and User-Centered Design are my specialization so I’m a user experience designer versed in user research, interaction design, requirements engineering, usability evaluations, competitive analyses and of course usability testing. I follow Agile and Lean UX principles in my work.

Front-end development

On the other hand I’m a web designer doing responsive front-end development with HTML5, CSS, JS, jQuery, Bootstrap etc. I have experience in site building with various CMS’s e.g. Sharepoint and Wordpress. Search engine and web performance optimization and web accessibility are no strangers to me either.

Web analytics

UX design just begins when an app or a website is launched and should continue through its lifecycle. Visitor tracking, A/B testing, surveys, statistical analysis etc. or web analytics in general are tools in the UX designer's toolbox. Thus I also wear the hat of a web analyst.

Product ownership

UX designers are often responsible for the "big picture" in a project. The role of a product owner or a project manager sometimes comes with the job. I believe in Agile Software Development and have an interest in different methodologies, processes and the continuous improvement of the way we work. I wrote my master’s thesis on how to integrate Agile and UCD.

Who is Pirkka Rannikko?

Portrait of Mr. Pirkka Rannikko

I am currently working as UX and Service Designer at Vincit. I've worked as a front-end developer, team leader, interaction designer and as a product owner / product development manager. I've gained my experience working with big corporate web portals, intranets, web and SaaS applications and with small websites like for example.

I have a BE in Media Technology and MSc in Interactive Technology and some basic studies in statistics.

I am not a programmer nor graphic designer.

I live in Tampere, Finland with the better half and our baby boy. I often spend my spare time by reading professional literature, mountain biking, sailing, fishing and playing board and role playing games.

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