Need a web / interaction designer who's passionate about agile user experience?

Don't go any further, my name is Pirkka Rannikko! I've been working with the web since 2005 and have been wearing many funny hats including front-end developer, site builder, web / interaction designer, project manager, product owner and team leader etc. I'm currently self-employed but looking for a job as an interaction designer.

Web Design and UX Skills and Expertise

I've always been passionate about user experience. For example in my work as a front-end developer it shows as a concern to “details” like progressive enhancement, web accessibility, search engine visibility and web performance (optimization). Later on as an interaction designer my interest has been in agile and lean user experience. I even wrote my master's thesis how to integrate User-Centered Design and Agile Software Development. It is important to show organizations that taking care of usability is easier and less resource intensive than they often think!

I've gained my experience working with big corporate web portals, intranets and web applications and with small websites like and for example. Here's a list of things I have expertise in:

Agile Software Development and Project Management

Besides my web and UX skills I am interested in software development in general and more precisely in agile software development. I've been a Certified Scrum Master and have picked up some agile know-how, process development and project management experience along the way. This hopefully reflects back to my work as a designer. I wrote my master's thesis how to integrate User-Centered Design and Agile Software Development which (and a lot of resources) you can find from this page.

Education and Work History etc.


Work History

On my spare time I do some freelance work, roleplaying games, fishing, sailing, cycling and mounting biking.

Please drop a line to if you'd like to contact me.

Agile UCD

User-Centered Design in Agile Software Development is my master's thesis discussing the integration of the two. If you're interested in the topic you can download the thesis as PDF and pass the link to your colleagues.

There are issues in traditional software development, e.g., the lack of user input and incomplete and changing requirements that can cause problems in projects. Both User-Centered Design (UCD) and agile software development are iterative approaches to software development, and they can increase the chances for delivering a successful project.

Integrating UCD and agile development would create a comprehensive systems development methodology. They do not have inherent obstacles that could prevent such integration, but both need to change before it can succeed. While no 'unified' Agile UCD methodology has been established, there has been a growing interest in learning how to integrate these two proven approaches over the last few years.

My thesis explores the integration of UCD and agile development through experience reports and studies that have been published in the industry and academia. It sketches a complete picture of the integrated development process and the related best practices. Also some advice related to the organizational adoption of the process and its practices are provided.

Download the PDF (1.9 MB).

Agile UCD Resources

Here's a list of some Agile UCD resources (some require you to login, some are dead) I explored for the thesis and kept updating after its publication. Enjoy!


Papers, theses:



So do you need someone who's passionate about agile user experience?

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